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Lotus Natural Living


Our Story

About the Owner

Denise Sutherland is the owner and creator of Lotus Natural Living.

Denise was first inspired in 2002 to create all natural products when she became a certified
Aromatherapist. While doing a year and a half of research about ingredients and the
benefits of essential oils, she discovered an abundance of information that was very
alarming to her.  Many products that we are using everyday are toxic and harmful.

Denise’s son was born with a cleft lip and palate and one possible cause of this condition is
environmental factors.  After doing her research and understanding how harmful chemicals
can be, Denise made it her mission to formulate products that are non-toxic as well as safe
for our environment.

Denise also provides education about essential oils. She is passionate about educating
people about the effectiveness and safety of essential oils.
Denise lives in Barrie, Ontario. She has two beautiful adult children that she adores. Denise
enjoys being in nature, walking, working out, music and dancing.

Lotus' Story

Lotus Natural Living products are all natural products, formulated and created by Certified Aromatherapist Denise Sutherland in Ontario, Canada. Our products are made with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. They are scented with pure essential oils.

Our products are FREE FROM parabens, phosphates, petroleum, sodium laureth sulfate, PEGS, fragrance oils/parfum, dyes or any other chemicals for that matter because we care about you, your family and our environment!

We NEVER test on animals.
Our products are made with love, passion and integrity.

We specialize in environmentally friendly products for the home, body and baby.

If you have been part of our tribe since 2009 or joined us any time after we started our journey, we
appreciate you!

We have evolved, grown and changed. 2020 and changes in the world have helped us to hone in on the products you love the most.

We have streamlined our product offerings to reflect this.

We hope that you continue to use and share our products.

If you are new to our Lotus family…….welcome!

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Cleaning Spray - Lotus Natural Living
Cleaning Spray - Lotus Natural Living
Cleaning Spray - Lotus Natural Living
Cleaning Spray - Lotus Natural Living

THE Cleaning Spray


Our  Cleaning Spray is THE Cleaning Spray as it lives up to it's name!  Our all-natural Cleaning Spray is a phosphate-free solution for all of your cleaning needs without harming your family or our precious environment. 

This fresh-smelling cleaneris made from pure essential oils including lemongrass, rosemary, and geranium which have antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. 

This multipurpose all-natural cleaner is perfect for cleaning almost any surface, including hardwood floors, windows, sinks, mirrors, and countertops. No need to rinse.  

Just spray and wipe with a hot cloth or mop.

Tush 2oz Push up Tube



Your baby will thank you!

This 100% natural diaper balm has been created with the utmost love and care. It contains the gentlest ingredients possible such as olive oil, calendula, lavender and chamomile.

It is scented with only pure essential oils.

Tush can be used every day to help prevent a diaper rash or just when a diaper rash occurs.

Tush 2oz Push up Tube - Lotus Natural Living
Tush 2oz Push up Tube - Lotus Natural Living
Tush 2oz Push up Tube - Lotus Natural Living