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Lotus Natural Living 2

Tush 2oz Push up Tube


Tush All-Natural Diaper Cream

Not just for babies! Tush is a 100% natural balm created with the utmost love and care, designed to protect and soothe delicate skin. This gentle formula includes olive oil, calendula, lavender, and chamomile, and is scented with pure essential oils.

Perfect for everyday use to prevent diaper rash or to provide relief when a rash occurs, Tush is one of our top sellers. It's not just great for babies' bottoms, but also for various other uses. Whether you're dealing with chafing or looking for a natural soothing balm, Tush has you covered.

Our satisfied customers include:

  • Hockey players
  • Seniors
  • Factory workers
  • Dog owners (great for tender paws)
  • Runners

Use Tush as a preventative measure or to soothe chafed skin. Experience the natural care and protection of Tush for yourself!

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