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For the Natural Body

Lotus Natural Living skin care products were created by Denise Sutherland because of a passion for great body products and from a belief that we should only use the purest ingredients on our skin.

  Denise Sutherland is a certified Aromatherapist.  Essential oils are the basis of aromatherapy. Essential oils can benefit everyone on a physical and emotional level and some have medicinal purposes.

  Many body care products contain chemicals and harmful ingredients. Some even include ingredients that are used to clean grease off of garage floors. These chemicals enter the body through the skin and go into the bloodstream. It is so disappointing to know that these harmful ingredients are still allowed to be used in body care products.

Lotus Natural Living uses only natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, pure olive oil and pure essential oils.

We strive to continue to create new products for you and your family without compromising the integrity and quality of our products.

We hope that our products will inspire you to use more natural products on your body and in your life so that together, we can save our precious earth.